Extending Your Home

A good extension can make an immense difference to a property…

Whether you are planning for bigger existing rooms, or brand new rooms, the extra space can dramatically increase the value and attractiveness of your property.

Adding Value

While extensions can be great and potentially very profitable there is no guarantee that an extension will add sufficient value to your property to make you a profit.

By the same token, you cannot even guarantee that the value added to your property (as a consequence of your extension), will cover the costs of the project.

If you are looking to make a tidy profit from some structural changes to your property then, as with anything this expensive, you need to do some research.

Look into the current value of your property, the cost of the project, and the potential or likely, value of your property once the work is completed. This should give you an indication of whether or not going ahead with your project will prove worth while. Be sure to take your streets ceiling price into consideration when making your decision.


If, after doing some research and number crunching, your proposal for an extension no longer looks so fruitful there are some alternative, less radical methods of boosting your space that will be far less costly.

The adding and removing of partitioning walls can change the layout of your property and can be a great way to reallocate that precious space that you do have, allowing for it to be utilised to its potential.

Another way to add space is by looking at having a conservatory. Conservatories can be cheaper than extensions and can really transform your home.

The extension

With a premium being put on space when selling your property, an extension may well be the best and most profitable option.

Extending your home is a major project that must be done right if you are to reap the rewards, it is not, therefore, something that should be taken lightly.

Professional finish

It is extremely advisable to call in professionals when you are considering an extension as they will do the job properly and in compliance with any important planning restrictions and regulations.

A botched extension can be a complete nightmare and even devalue a property so it is imperative that you get the best builder possible. Always get a range of quotes and try to select your builder from recommendations from neighbours, friends or family.


If you are looking at your extension as an investment opportunity then you must be sensible with its design so as not to alienate anyone with your projects outrageous style or modernity.

A safe bet is to build an extension that matches the architectural style of the rest of your house and, in fact, looks as though it has been there forever.

Project Strategy

Extensions come in all shapes and sizes and so choosing the right extension can make a huge difference to the profitability of the project.

Extra bathrooms and large kitchens are extremely sought after and so can prove to be great investments. The addition of a garage in busy, urban areas can also be very effective in adding value.

Kitchen extensions

Kitchen extensions are probably the most popular type of extension, and there is good reason for this. A large kitchen with an ample dining area will be very attractive to potential buyers as it will mean that the old, under-used, dining room can be converted into an office, playroom or extra sitting room.

Another great thing about kitchen extensions is that it provides the base for further upward extending; a new bedroom can be built straight on top of the extended kitchen either at the same time as the initial extension or in the future.

Loft Conversions

Getting your loft converted can be a great way to increase the space in your property. A loft conversion can mean anything from an extra bedroom or entertainment room to a whole new mini home with two rooms and a bathroom.

This type of extension is ideal in Victorian or 1930’s housing due to the high roof pitches and it will mean less building restrictions.

Basement Developments

Most properties provide some scope for potential expansion. If going up is not an option and there is not the space to extend outwards, try looking into the option of digging down!

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