A Guide to Buying a Pool Table for the Home or the Dining Room

How Big are Pool Tables & What Size Room Do They Need

Pool tables are twice as long as they are wide and usually come in lengths of 6 foot, 7 foot or 8 foot, these being the external measurements, not the playing area.
The first thing to consider is where the playing of pool will take place. You need enough space to walk all around the table and to use the pool cue in any direction, which is almost the length of the pool cue. Cues are available in different lengths, Children use shorter cues and they will also be used with smaller tables.

Cues are usually 48″, 54″, or 57″. A 6-foot pool table will require a room at least 4 x 3.3 metres or 160″ x 130″ using a 48″ cue.
A 7-foot table is the standard used for pub tournaments and a 57″ cue is usually used. a 7-foot table with 57″ cue requires a room of 4.7 x 3.8 metres.

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Pack Away & Fold-Up Pool Tables

The following points may seem obvious but people make simple mistakes check the following before buying the table:

•  size when folded, will it fit in the storage area in the house?

•  how difficult is it to fold or unpack and reassemble?

•  does it require two people to fold or reassemble?

•  weight, does it need lifting or is it on wheels?

What to Look for When Buying a Pool Table for the Home

According to a British manufacturer of British and American pool tables, Simply Pool, you should think about the same things as when you buy a piece of fine furniture such as quality of materials and craftsmanship. Things particularly pertinent to domestic pool tables, however, are:

•  The best tables will have a slate playing surface because this stone is a proven reliable playing surface which is not affected by changes in temperature and humidity.

•  The slate surface will be covered by a wooden, napped cloth of any colour.

•  The pockets for the balls and an automatic ball return mechanism.

Pool Table
Pool Table By Decoholic


Buying a Dining Room Pool Table

For most families without a spare room to dedicate to a pool table the dining room table will be the best way of having a high quality pool table in the home. A number of companies make pool dining tables including DPT Snooker who are a major manufacture of pool tables for Europe.

How Much Do Pool Tables Cost To Buy?

Budget pool tables can be bought for less than £200 but should be thought of as novelty fun toys rather than for a serious player. Second-hand, used, reconditioned pool tables can be a good buy from about £200 in the UK and for a reasonable new model the starting price would be £300,

How Much Does a Dining Table Pool Table Cost?

As a dining table they can look modern or traditional without being obviously a slate bed pool table. They are very heavy, of course, so cannot be moved around like a traditional dining table might be. DPT dining pool tables range in price from about £660 to £1,200.

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