Key skills and double glazing costs

Sash window prices and double glazing costs are extremely difficult to judge and require expert on site appraisal. That’s why it’s so open to interpretation that means that it’s to find a great deal. In this article we will help you to get the very best deals on sash windows. We take a look at the basic costs, we look at the construction of a sash window, and we also look at what material are required to make one. With all of this information we can begin to put together a rather complex puzzle of sash window prices.

Double glazing costs are mainly made up of uPVC and timber. uPVC sash windows are considerably cheaper than timber. Softwood is normally about 20% cheaper than hardwood sash. This doesn’t really represent good value for money because hardwood lost that much longer. Softwood is normally Pine. This timber is normally pressure treated and lasts pretty well when its sprayed. The spray system is normally based around a microporous construct which helps to draw timber away from itself. If you’re lucky, you might end up with a quality timber known as BC Pine but this is highly unlikely because of the sheer cost. It’s nearly as expensive as hardwood and it splinters a lot on machine making it a less favourable choice for a joiner.

uPVC sash windows double glazing costs

uPVC sash windows almost always operate with a tilt and turn mechanism. The mechanism works on spiral balances, often known as springs. These are typically cheaper than sash cords because the weights of sash cords are extremely expensive, and this is because the weight is lead. This is an extremely expensive metal material. If your looking for cheap sash windows then uPVC is a better option. These uPVC sash windows typically cost in the region of £800 and upward if you take into consideration just how efficient they are. This cost is for a smaller window, normally no more than 800mm wide and 1600mm tall. This this quite unusual to find windows this small, normally they’ll be larger than this but it’s a good start to gauge the pricing.

Timber sash windows double glazing costs

Timber sash windows are considerably more expensive. this is because timber is far more expensive and requires master craftsmen to make them. It’s a serious skill to manufacture a sash window like for like as if it were 100 years old. We do have far more advanced machinery today but so many of these key skills have been lost that it’s a nightmare trying to establish a genuine company to carry out new sash window installations. Fortunately there are some that would like to keep the tradition going. These sash windows normally start from as little as £1400 when looking at double glazing costs on this reputable sellers website. We can only assume that the prices won’t drop anytime soon either given the lack of skilled craftsmen handing and building them. It’s lovely to see these windows being made but we really hope that they can remain affordable so the country does not lose them. it’s too easy to see how people are replacing with cheaper double glazing.

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