How to Make a Bed Using a Quilt and a Bedskirt: Try this Easy Method for Beds with Comforters and Dust Ruffles

Making a bed with a bedspread is easy. Just pull the spread over the linens and pillows and it’s done. All the sheets and blankets are hidden underneath.

Making a bed that has a quilt or comforter over a bed skirt, however, can be maddening. All the tucking in of bedding on the sides can mean broken or split fingernails or rings hooking on the linens. If the quilt or comforter isn’t quite wide enough to adequately cover the sides, as is often the case of a bed in a bag, or if the mattress is extra thick and the quilt or comforter isn’t, the task becomes an ordeal of pulling the bedding on one side, then the other and tucking everything in between the mattress and box springs.

Beds with Comforters and Dust Ruffles
Beds with Comforters and Dust Ruffles By

Meanwhile, the dust ruffle has bunched up and is tucked in with the sheets. Don’t scream.

In three easy steps, the task can be completed, leaving a beautifully made and tidy bed.

Remove all the pillows. Pull the sheet and blankets up straight to the top as usual. Don’t worry about the overhang on the sides or about making sure the sheet and blankets are the same length on each side. It won’t matter.

Fold the sides up onto the top of the bed in a triangle like folded wings starting from the point where the sheet and blanket are tucked in at the bottom of the bed. Smooth the edges and get rid of as may lumps as possible if the quilt being used is fairly flat. If the quilt or comforter is thick and fluffy, don’t worry about it.

Throw the quilt or comforter on top. As long as the comforter at least meets the top edge of the box springs, there will be no sheets or blankets showing. Replace the pillows, pillow shams, decorative toss pillows and that’s it. No tucking, no broken nails.

Please take a look at this video for  How to Make a Bed : How to Fix a Dust Ruffle

Hint:  For extra thick mattresses, sheet sets aren’t always wide enough. The bottom sheet may fit, but often the top sheet is barely wide enough for an adequate drop.

To assure proper fit, buy sheets individually and buy the top sheet one size larger than the bed. For instance, for a queen bed, buy the extra deep pocket bottom queen sheet, but buy the top sheet and the blanket in a king size. With a bit of luck, this may help lessen the midnight tug of war with your partner over the sheet and blanket.

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