Moving Out of Home: Practical and Legal Resources for Young Australians in First Homes.

Setting up a new home for the first time can be confusing and expensive. Here are some books and websites that can offer advice to young Australian people moving out.
Moving out of home for the first time is a lot more involved than just throwing a few belongings into the back of a borrowed truck. There are several Australian books and websites specifically aimed at young people, helping to ensure a smooth transition from living at home with their parents.

Finding Share Accommodation Online

If living alone or with friends is not an option, young people can turn to the internet to find potential flatmates. is Australia’s biggest site for finding flatmates, room mates and shared accommodation. Free to use, it provides information for most major Australian cities. Real estate website also has share house listings.

Legal Advice on Tenancies and Share Housing
The Redfern Legal Centre in Sydney has set up a website with advice and information relating specifically to share housing. The Share Housing Survival Guide contains information about tenancy laws, connection of services and financial assistance as well as day to day living in a share house.

The Australian states also have advice centres for existing tenants requiring assistance with any issues of their tenancy. The website of the NSW Tenants Union provides factsheets on a range of topics pertinent to tenants’ rights and a listing of regional tenants’ advice services as well as a hotline phone number 1800 251 101.

Tips on the Day to Day Running of a Home

Felicity Clothier’s Handy Housekeeping Hints: The Complete Guide to Setting up and Running a Home (New Holland) is a useful book for anyone new to living away from home. Written by Clothier as a gift for her youngest daughter, topics covered include:

  1. Managing a household budget
  2. Setting up a kitchen
  3. Food preparation, storage and use
  4. Entertaining
  5. Maintaining a garden
  6. Running a car
  7. Cleaning the house

Also included is a range of simple and inexpensive recipes that should tempt any young person away from costly and unhealthy fast food options.

Youth Central

The Victorian Government’s web-based initiative for young people aged 12-25, Youth Central has a section dedicated to housing and accommodation issues. Topics covered include share housing and renting, as well as buying property and youth homelessness. The “setting up house” section also offers a list of necessary furniture and appliances, contact details for second hand outlets for purchases and information on home and contents insurance.
Being aware of the legal and financial considerations to living out of home will ensure that young people can be equipped with the right information to make practical and prudent choices as they take this new step of independence from their parents.

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