Multi-Purpose Media Room vs. Dedicated Home Theater Room Designs

Differences between Home Theater Rooms and Home Media Rooms

The major distinction between a room designed for home theater and a room designed for a home media enjoyment is the flexibility of the space. A home theater room is designed specifically for watching movies on a big screen and cannot be adapted for other uses. On the other hand, a home media room is typically designed for multiple media or family room applications.

Differences between Home Theater Rooms and Home Media Rooms
Differences between Home Theater Rooms and Home Media Rooms By Ecstasymodels & Love Home Designs & Homedecored

Typical design features of a dedicated home theater room include

  1. A big theater or projection screen in a fixed position
  2. Stadium style seating
  3. Full sound proofing and surround sound systems
  4. Dark or soothing colour scheme with lack of windows
  5. Low, ambient style lighting
  6. Home theater décor theme

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Typical design features of a multi-purpose media room include

  1. Both a television screen and a drop-down projection or theater screen
  2. Family room style seating with large couches or sectionals
  3. Additional floor seating or space for media and video games
  4. Surround sound systems, but no sound proofing
  5. Ability to darken room and windows
  6. Typical family room decor
  7. Media rooms are often family rooms within the main section of a home converted into multi-purpose enjoyment of media activities. Alternatively, home theater rooms are typically designed in spare rooms on an upper or lower basement level of a home.

Benefits of Dedicated Home Theater Room Designs

For families that enjoy a movie theater experience, transforming a room into a dedicated home theater room is ideal. One of the benefits of using a room as a dedicated space for viewing movies is the ability to customize the space to maximize the theater experience.

A home theater room is typically found in a spare or bonus room upstairs or in a finished basement. If the home theater room is being designed as the basement is being finished, then special accommodations can easily be made for wiring, sound proofing, speakers and other home theater room décor. Typically more money is invested in customizing home theater rooms, and a high level of customization may or may not add enough value to a home to recoup when sold.

Benefits of Multi-purpose Home Media Rooms

A family room that has multiple media purposes may be the most useful for growing families. With both a large screen television and a drop-down projection screen, there are a variety of media activities that can be enjoyed beyond viewing movies. Media activities could include projected or streamed movies, video games, internet activity, music and more. Special smart home automation technology makes it easy to integrate multiple components for even more enjoyment of the space. A well outfitted media room is very desirable in today’s homes and almost always adds value to a home’s resale price.

Homeowners choosing between dedicated home theater and a multi-purpose home media designs should evaluate how the space will be used, available space in the home and the potential for recouping the investment in a home’s resale value.

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