National Occupational Standards for Campaigning set out the skills that staff and volunteers who run campaigns in their organisation should have as well as what they should know and understand in order to do their job well.

The National Occupational Standards for Campaigning have been written by a group of people who have direct experience of running campaigns in charities, social enterprises, community and voluntary sector organisations. Read about how you can use the National Occupational Standards for Campaigning or download the standards from this page.

Practical guide to campaigning

We have produced a new pocket-sized guide to campaigning which is aimed to be a practical guide, and has been broken down into the four main stages of campaigning.

Each stage is based on the National Occupational Standards and consists of an overview, a list of the main activities and information about what people need to know and understand.

Download the pocket-sized guide to campaigning here (.PDF, 159Kb).

National Occupational Standards for Campaigning

Download the full National Occupational Standards for Campaigning (.PDF, 345Kb)

National Occupational Standards are written according to a format set by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. This means they may use terms that you may not be familiar with. If this is the case then you can download a glossary of terms used in the National Occupational Standards.