Professional Home Staging Services: What to Expect When You Hire a Home Stager

Home staging is an umbrella term for the process of making your home appeal to a broad range of buyers, while showing it in its best possible light. Services range from cleaning and decluttering to furniture rentals and arrangements.

So why spend money on home staging if you’re not even going to be there to enjoy the results? Home staging works! Staged homes sell faster and for a better price than non-staged homes. It’s even more important in a depressed market.

“The more successful agents are finding that home staging is the key to moving properties, especially for agents in the more competitive markets.” said Karen Breen Elia of RE/MAX Exclusive Properties in Chicago. With these results and a growing acceptance of the staging industry, home stagers are cropping up worldwide.

So just what do professional home stagers do? Let’s take a look at some of the services a stager provides to help you prepare your home for a sale:

Home staging service #1: Consultation

A staging consultation takes place at the home to be staged. Using a set of industry guidelines, the home stager will evaluate your property inside and out. Then they’ll develop a list of recommendations designed to show your home in the best light.

Consultations can take anywhere from one to three hours. At this point, you can either decide to tackle the recommendations on your own or hire the company to implement some or all the improvements for you.
Price Range: £100- £250

Home staging service #2: Filling a vacant home

Staging is even more important when you are selling a vacant property. Even if the home is clean and sports a great layout, most buyers have difficulty imagining how their furniture will fit into an empty space. Empty homes also lack the emotional appeal needed to make buyers fall in love with your house and put in an offer.

They’ll plan and source all the furniture, artwork, and accessories needed to make your vacant home warm and homey. Most professional staging companies have established contacts, so they can quickly source everything from furniture rentals to construction workers. As a result, an entire vacant home can be staged in a matter of days.
Price range: Varies widely according to your budget and the size of the home.

Staging service #3: Staging your lived-in home

Staging your lived-in home can include many or all of the following services:
Cleaning and decluttering is the crucial first step to showing a home that will sell. Stagers can take on this task for you, even moving and storing belongings not being used in the staging process.

Landscaping and painting to create a positive first impression and a fresh blank canvas for staging.
Decor and colour recommendations to depersonalize while adding “mass appeal” personality.
Furniture arrangement. Home stagers will typically try to incorporate key pieces of your own wherever possible. Then they’ll rearrange it in order to optimize the flow of traffic through your house and play up your home’s strengths.

Furniture sourcing. If your furniture is either too worn or the wrong style for the house or neighbourhood, home stagers will source out the appropriate furniture to complete the arrangements.

Price range: Prices vary widely between home staging companies, geographic regions, and the unique services your home needs. Expect to pay about £1500 and up for these types of staging services.

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