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What is LINKS?

LINKS is a completely new tool for charities and social enterprises. It’s a project from Learning Trade Skills who believe that you can do more for less with better skills. It intends to help you develop the right skills in the right way for the right money.

Finding out more

A good place to start is to watch the LINKS video.
You can also view our online seminar and fill in our questionnaire to tell us what you think about the plans for LINKS.

What happens next?

We are being funded by the Skills Funding Agency to shape the development of LINKS between November 2011 and March 2012.

With the right solution and with your help, we will then develop the LINKS interactive digital platform between spring and summer 2012 with early versions available in the summer.


In case you were wondering

LINKS stands for (Learning, Information, Knowledge, Skills) as well as all the interactive linking stuff.

Background to LINKS

LINKS intends to support networks of people who meet to share knowledge and skills, with an interactive digital platform that saves time and money:
  • By helping you to access better quality, more relevant and best value learning opportunities.
  • By finding for you solutions you didn’t know existed, from skills sharing and knowledge transfer to collaboration opportunities and free support.
  • By encouraging open, transparent competition between providers.

With the LINKS platform you can search online for information about skills development, ask other LINKS users for help or post details of your task or challenge. Using well-established social media tools, it will find you the options to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for, whether those are a list of suitable suppliers, training to build in-house skills, free advice from practitioners – or a combination of the above.

You then select the solutions based on your particular criteria, such as location, price, quality or feedback from other LINKS users. Unlike portals or signposting sites where you do the legwork, LINKS gives you everything you need to make a choice there and then, helping you to save time and money, develop your workforce and improve the services you deliver.

At least that is our vision for LINKS. To turn this vision into a reality (an ‘interactive digital platform’ in our current parlance) we need your help – and probably a better description too…


Get involved

To develop LINKS in a way that will work for ALL third sector organisations we need you to get involved. We need staff, trustees and volunteers from charities, social enterprises, voluntary and community groups, and infrastructure and membership organisations. And we need companies and consultants who provide services to the third sector. And if you work outside the sector but would like to be involved then we’d be very glad to hear from you as well.

  • Volunteer to try out the early versions of LINKS
  • Sign up to keep up to date with news
  • And importantly, please help spread the word through your networks, newsletters, social media and websites

Email info@skills-thirdsector.org.uk or call 0845 450 3860