National Skills Framework for the Voluntary Sector

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National Skills Framework for the Voluntary Sector

Delivering the skills priorities 2011 to 2014: A National Skills Network Model.

Learning Trade Skills have now finalised the National Skills Framework for the Voluntary Sector.

The voluntary sector, like any other sector, needs a skilled workforce in order to thrive and provide quality services, particularly in the face of rising demands about what it can and should deliver.

A National Skills Strategy is a crucial tool for supporting a skilled workforce.

The National Skills Framework was produced by consultation – both online and through a series of roundtable events. Over a hundred organisations participated in the roundtable events.

The framework aims to give proper recognition of the sector’s skills and talents, because skills matter to the sector’s ability to meet the challenges of the period ahead.

Following the consultation, we are proposing a national strategic skills framework for the Voluntary Sector using a National Skills Network model based on the following:

  • Co-operation – countering the waste of competition
  • Informal development opportunities – with links to accreditation
  • Map and scale up effective provision
  • Endorsement of good delivery principles
  • Generate and spread new knowledge
  • Web-based resources
  • Local delivery points and offline networks
  • Built-in evaluation cycle – what works
  • User-led governance

This model would include both informal and accredited learning. Find out more by downloading the document below.