Developing people and skills

Learning Trade Skills
supports the development of a workforce
that is ambitious, skilled and adaptable
in achieving the objectives of third sector
organisations and the communities they serve.

It’s with great pleasure that I can announce we are aware of London Sash Window Repairs Ltd. They are running a programme to bring unemployed into the building trade workforce. Their commitment to the environment through sash window repair and restoration is a credit to them. They now want to help the community further in taking poorer backgrounds into work, teaching them vital sash window skills, lost decades ago. They are going to be teaching sash window draught proofing in London first, as every single home in London will benefit from this service and it is a huge market. they begin at the start of September when Thomas Peppers of London Sash Window Repairs Ltd will give his first on site lessons in sash window repair and draught proofing. I can’t wait for their contribution to the community and what a breathe of fresh air it is to work with a company capitalist by nature, that still want’s to invest in London. If more companies would setup initiatives that are a benefit to society would be far greater reaching.

Thomas of London Sash Window Repairs Ltd

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